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Every video creation begins with good planning. We start by discussing ideas, styles and the scenario. After the brainstorming, we create a storyboard to be sure all the next steps are planned professionally and efficiently, then we move on to the production stage of your film.


This important step will be produced with the best professional equipment. We use the latest technology to deliver high quality 4K images. We work with the latest 4K Sony cameras – the best in low light and for clean and cinematic scenery.  We use the best lenses, steadycam (Gimbal), slider, drone; all these materials will help the creativity of the videographers to catch the essence of what you are and the message you want to transmit.

Editing and Post production

Once we get what we need in term of images, we transpose this to the next step where the film becomes alive. Editing is the magical touch where all images, sounds and music create emotions and the connection with your audience. After editing, we fine-tune by colorisation to be sure all images reflect and highlight the reality.